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Total: 149 artículos 149 artículos
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Shoes from hummel

Are you in need of a new pair of shoes? Then you've found yourself on the right page. At hummel we have shoes for every occasion, so you can be sure to find what you're after among our range of shoes. You can find trendy everyday trainers, comfortable training shoes, high performance handballs shoes, comfortable pool slides, and legendary classic football boots.

Every season we offer a wide range of hummel shoes for men, shoes for women and shoes for kids, all of which are designed with the season's fashion and colour trends in mind. All of our shoes respect our three core product values: functionality, comfort and durability. So regardless of which model you choose, you'll be buying a pair of hummel shoes precision engineered for high levels of comfort and durability.

Lifestyle shoes from hummel

If you're looking for a new pair of everyday shoes, check out our collection of lifestyle shoes, containing a wide range of styles with our recognisable chevrons. Many of our hummel shoes are designed from our old archive collection, so have a retro-inspired look. However, you'll also find new styles with a modern and fresh look inspired by Scandinavian minimalism.

Hummel shoes for an active everyday 

Our collection also contains a wide range of hummel shoes that are ideal for everyday use and light exercise. To be sure that you have a comfy pair of shoes, we have developed some technologies to optimise our Sport Style models. You'll also find these technologies in most of our models from the Sport Style collection. Known as AeroTech and AeroFlex, these technologies are designed to ensure comfort and flexibility.

> AeroTech – a technology developed to ensure ease, comfort and shock absorption.

> AeroFlex – a comfortable, anti-bacterial and lightweight inner sole designed to follow body movement and pressure.

All of our styles of hummel shoes are designed in both bright and neutral colours, with a minimalistic style and a sporty silhouette, making them perfect for a relaxed everyday look. Additionally, hummel shoes are designed in breathable materials with mesh details to give great functionality. Among our collection you'll find models with Neoprene Aerofit sock construction, ensuring comfort and stability. You'll also find models with Speed Laces and TGR grip. Last but not least, you'll also find models with TPU heels, which give the heel a bit of extra support.

With a model from our Sport Style collection, you're guaranteed a pair of modern shoes that provide all-day comfort.

High performance hummel shoes for exercise

If you're in need of a new pair of indoor gym shoes for exercise, you can find them in our collection of performance indoor gym shoes. Our Aerocharge collection offers durable and functional indoor shoes for both amateur and professional players. All of our Aerocharge models are equipped with innovative Aerofit technology giving a comfortable and stable fit. Aerocharge models have additional features, such as Top Grip for a secure grip on the court, Shock Point EVA soles for ultimate shock absorption, and all-new Power Plate technology giving you an extra boost when taking off running and jumping. The shoes are also designed in a breathable mesh material.